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Fasteners: Self Tapping Inserts

Fasteners: Self Tapping Inserts

Fasteners: Self Tapping Inserts
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• Introduction
Threaded inserts are used in plastics, wood and non-ferrous metals to provide a thread that is stronger than would be possible by inserting a self-tapping screw directly into the material.

• Self Tapping Inserts
Self-tapping inserts are the most universal type as they can be used in the widest range of materials and have a high resistance to pull-out. They can be inserted into drilled or moulded holes manually using a threaded mandrel, by the use of a tapping head mounted on a pillar drill, or by using automatic tapping machines.
The hole size is critical to the successful use of inserts. For each type of insert a specified hole size is given, but it should be understood that the lower end of the tolerance range is only applicable when the inserts is to be installed in softer materials. For hardwood, hard plastics or aluminium, the top end of the range should be used.
This range of self tapping inserts are supplied with a fine external thread for use in harder materials.
It is designed for use in aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, as well as plastics and thermosetting resins.
The insert must always be inserted slotted end first, as the slot provides the cutting action to tap into the materials for which the insert is intended.

• Materials
- Case hardened steel (plated zinc and yellow passivated)
- Brass
- Stainless steel grade 303
- Chrome stainless 1.4104