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Fasteners: Dowel Pins & Extractable Dowels

HPC Gears  Fasteners: Dowel Pins & Extractable Dowels

Fasteners: Dowel Pins & Extractable Dowels
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• Solid
Dowels are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting.

• Tolerance and Fits
Dowels are normally precision ground to produce a close tolerance diameter. The tolerance to which a dowel is ground is not directly related to the fit.

• Fitting Dowels into Blind Holes
When a dowel is interference-fitted into a blind hole, it increases the pressure of the air trapped in the hole. It is strongly advised to specify that the dowel should have an air release flat ground along its full length.

• Materials
The material specifications of our standard range is:
Through Hardened Steel:100Cr6,WS 1.3505 Hardened & Tempered to HV 550-650