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Couplings: Flexible Membrane, Riveted

Couplings: Flexible Membrane, Rivetted

Gearboxes data, price & technical pdfs:

Precision couplings with excellent kinematic properties. Dynamically balanced construction.
Single-stage versions make up into 'whirl' free Cardans. The 2-stage versions offer short envelopes and low bearing loads respectively.

Where to use:

High-end servo drives, pulse generators, scanners, positioning slides, high speed dynamometers, unsupported drive shafts, etc.


Up to 5000 rpm in standard form.
Up to 30000 rpm in balanced* form.
* User's own Balance required, after assembly.

Peak torque largest size:

Standard bores:

3mm to 38 mm

Temperature range:
-40° C to +120° C

Electrically isolating:
No, unless used with insulating bore adaptors.

Clamp, Set Screw