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HPC Gears  Racks


Data & price pdf download for Racks:



When ordering Racks please remember to include the required length (eg. CR32-1800)

Please select type of gear:

 Standard Materials
 Steel (En8)
 Stainless Steel

 0.25mod - 8mod
 96DP - 6DP

 Pressure Angle

 Max : 2000mm


 Spur and Helical Tooth Forms.

 Cut Racks and Moulded Racks.

 We offer as standard a wide range of Racks in Metric and Imperial sizes. Spur Racks  are available in Steel (En8) and up to 2 metres in length. Stainless Steel and Delrin  (Plastic) Racks are produced with Spur and Helical tooth forms, square and round  sections up to 400mm in length. Alternative materials are available on request. Moulded  Hostaform Racks are available to offer an economical alternative where less torque is  required.